How does Search & Ranking work at Precis Shopping?
Precis shows you goods and items in a certain order (also known as ranking), based on what you have searched for. Precis does this to provide a better shopping experience for you. When you are searching for a certain item, Precis takes a few different factors into account in order to provide relevant search results. Using your search, Precis searches through several fields (title, description and brand) and ranks results based on the frequency of the term that you have used in the search, and the relative frequency of the term in the attributes of all products (Inverse Document Frequency). The search is only a basic text search, and no user data or metadata are used to change the ranking results. Precis will keep this page updated with any potential changes of the factors taken into account when ranking searches for you. For any questions regarding our Search & Ranking, please contact

Information about monthly active recipients under the Digital Services Act (EU)
Article 24(2) of the European Union (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA) requires providers of online platforms and search engines to publish information on the average “monthly active recipients of the service” in the EU. These provisions do not require providers of online platforms or online search engines to perform specific tracking of individuals (e.g. across devices or sessions) for the purpose of producing data on monthly active recipients. Hence the following information is based on the aggregated number of visitors to the Precis Shopping site and we do not comprehensively de-duplicate visitors who may access the site from different devices. Reporting period: February 17, 2023 August 17, 2023 Estimated average monthly active recipients in the EU: 156 473